The Top 10 NEW Free Script Fonts (and where to find them!)

I had 101 things to do tonight and a post about free script fonts wasn’t one of them…buuuut, y’all know I can’t resist sharing these free goods! My other two font roundups (found here and here) have been so popular, I figured it was time for another. I would venture to say this might be the best one yet, but that’s your call.

Without further ado, here’s what you came for!


1. emily the brush // 2. prologue // 3. contento // 4. mayton // 5. watermelon // 6. buttercup // 7. stylish calligraphy // 8. salsabilla // 9. better together (my new FAVORITE EVER!) // 10. apples script

These fonts are fab and gorg and adorbs, and FREE for personal use. But if you’re making any dough off of them, be sure to share the love and buy the commercial license, which is like $5 usually. Font makers gotsta eat, too.

See these fonts in all their glory here.

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